Certified Family Law Specialist For Highly Complex Cases

Developing a parenting plan or a property division arrangement can be difficult when you and your spouse cannot move beyond your differences of opinion. At Erika L. Cossitt Volpiano P.C., a significant percentage of the cases we work on such as child custody and parenting plans, paternity issues, large estate divorces, same-sex dissolutions, property settlements and business divisions are settled before going to court.

For the cases where negotiations break down and resolutions are not forthcoming in a timely manner, Attorney Cossitt Volpiano protects our clients' best interests with aggressive litigation in the courtroom.

Paving The Way For Efficient Conflict Resolutions Through Mediation

Mediation is often a path to a quicker agreement, ideally resulting in a signed settlement between parties that will be acceptable to the family court. It is generally a less costly alternative to a contentious courtroom feud and can often preserve a constructive, beneficial parenting relationship when children are involved.

Ms. Cossitt Volpiano is a trained mediator who offers comprehensive mediation services. Whether you need representation for mediation or you are seeking a reputable mediator, our firm can provide trusted mediation methods to help you create agreements for effective and rapid dispute resolution.

Creating Solid Agreements For Peace Of Mind

With a practice focusing entirely on family law for over 25 years, Ms. Cossitt Volpiano has gained extensive experience in other critical issues woven into family law matters such as domestic violence, estate planning, real estate law and bankruptcy. Knowing the nuances of family law disputes helps when creating well-built prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements.

These agreements are important to minimize future conflict by setting expectations that both parties agree to in writing. Both parties receive a level of protection from expensive litigation in the event of divorce or separation. Spousal rights, domestic rights, ongoing medical and/or financial obligations, ownership rights, debts, children from other relationships are among the many issues that you can address in a prenup, postnup or cohabitation agreement.

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